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Are you familiar with the advantages of segregated funds?

Are you familiar with the advantages of segregated funds?

Who has access to these advantages?

Since a segregated fund is an insurance contract, only insurance companies are able to offer this type of investment vehicle. And so, only authorized financial security advisors may distribute segregated funds. That exclusivity gives your clients access to advice, professional management and a number of other advantages specific to segregated funds.

How do segregated funds differ from other investment vehicles?

Whether invested in segregated funds, mutual funds or directly holding in securities, the invested amounts are exposed to the financial markets. From the wide range of available funds, it is possible to have access particularly to specialized funds. More or less the similarities end here.

For your clients, there are a number of distinguishing advantages of segregated fund contracts:

Segregated fund contracts enable you to pass on exclusive advantages to your clients while helping you with your work.

Are segregated fund contracts all the same?

Segregated fund contracts mainly differ from each other with their guarantee features. Some contracts offer multiple levels of guarantee as well as allow for changes to be made to the contract coverage to correspond to the clients' changing needs. Clients at the start of their careers may opt for a guarantee with lower fees in order to maximize accumulation, and then eventually increase their level of coverage as the capital guarantees may take on more importance for them. Some contracts have an automatic reset of guaranteed values up to age 70 while other contracts allow for this all the way up to age 80.

Whether your clients are in the process of accumulating or withdrawing their investments, it is possible to offer a segregated fund contract that meets their specific needs.

SSQ segregated fund contracts

When your clients enroll in segregated fund contract, they benefit from advantages that only segregated funds can provide. The Regular guarantee is ideal for investors who wish to maximize their return and minimize the guarantee fees. The Enhanced guarantee is especially appealing to investors for whom death benefit protection is a priority. The Optimal guarantee is distinguished by automatic resets of the death value guarantee.

SSQ Guaranteed Investment Fund Guarantees 


* Considered to be insurance contracts, segregated funds offer protection from creditors in the event of bankruptcy. Subject to provincial legislation, the rights of beneficiaries may take priority over those of creditors.

** Probate fees apply in all Canadian provinces and territories except for Quebec.