SSQ Newsletter

Vol. 5, No. 9, September 2017

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SSQ's secret to success: Manager selection

What makes our selection and monitoring of the SSQ Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs) so effective is the quality of everyone involved.

Here is an excellent example of how creative and proactive our internal team can be when monitoring managers and creating highly competitive products for the SSQ fund platform.

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Individual Insurance

Term Exchange Program

Our Term Exchange Program offers your clients a simple way to extend their term life insurance coverage without having to provide evidence of insurability.

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Last chance to take advantage of our generous SSQ Merit Plan!

The purpose of the SSQ Merit Plan is to thank you for trusting us with your business. Hurry! You only have a little over three months to earn yourself a 2017 sales bonus.

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Statutory holiday - Thanksgiving
Please take note that our sales offices and Client Services will be closed on October 9, 2017, for Thanksgiving.
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Major rate reductions

Merit Plan 2017


Market Commentary

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